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Frequently Asked Questions on Attorney Renewal Registration

If I missed the Attorney Renewal Registration period, what do I do?

ANSWER: Pursuant to Rule 74(e)(1), an attorney must submit an application for admission as a new member.

When is the next Attorney Renewal Registration period?

ANSWER: The next Attorney Renewal Registration will be in 2029.

I was admitted to the Bar the year prior to the Attorney Renewal Registration period began - am I exempt?

ANSWER: Pursuant to Rule 74(e)(1), attorneys admitted in the year that the renewal registration fee is collected and the year prior are exempt from this fee.

How do I notify the Court of a Change of Address?

ANSWER: During the course of the attorney renewal registration process, the Court will update the attorney's contact information from the Attorney Renewal Registration Form.  Once the renewal registration period is over, attorneys must submit a Request for Change in Information form to update any future changes.  Attorneys must also take the necessary steps, in accordance with USCIT Rule 75, to file the appropriate notice regarding changes in contact information in each of their cases before the Court.