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Visitor Information


Use of Portable Electronic Devices by Visitors

General Rule

All portable communication, recording, or camera devices brought to the Courthouse by visitors are required to be scanned and deposited with the Court Security Officers (CSOs) upon entry into the Courthouse. While stored, devices must be powered off.

Visitors Permitted to Bring Portable Electronic Devices Into the Courthouse

  • Members of the Bar – Attorneys who display a bar identification card or other proof of membership of the bar of the US Court of International Trade.
  • Guests of Judges and the Clerk of Court – Judges and Clerk of Court may authorize a visitor to enter with a portable electronic device.

Use of Portable Electronic Devices In the Courthouse

  • Use of any device to take photographs or for audio or video recording or transmission is prohibited within the confines of the courthouse.
  • Use of a permitted device for audio communications within the Courthouse is allowed except in the courtrooms and the Library.
  • Permitted devices may remain operational in silent mode only while the device is located within a courtroom or the Library.