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Frequently Asked Questions on Attorney Renewal Registration


If I missed the Attorney Renewal Registration period, what do I do?

ANSWER: Pursuant to Rule 74(e)(1), an attorney must submit an application for admission as a new member.

When is the next Attorney Renewal Registration period?

ANSWER: The next Attorney Renewal Registration will be in 2019.

I was admitted to the Bar the year prior to the Attorney Renewal Registration period began - am I exempt?

ANSWER: Pursuant to Rule 74(e)(1), attorneys admitted in the year that the renewal registration fee is collected and the year prior are exempt from this fee.

How do I notify the Court of a Change of Address?

ANSWER: Attorneys must submit a Request for Change in Information form to update their contact information. Pursuant to Rule 75(e), attorneys must also file a Form 11 Notice of Appearance in each of their cases before the Court.


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Last modified May 2, 2017